ARB Touring roof rack for tent review

Published on 07 Aug 2014
After months of homework and research, I decided to go with the ARB touring roof rack for roof top tent. It seems more solid and better built than many other steel rock racks I’ve seen.

I bought it without installation from ARB St. Peters. They were fully booked for several days in advance so… DYI installation was my option. I couldn’t wait as the October long weekend was only 2 days away. I know… I should have bought it sooner, but other plans were made.

The touring roof rack was tricky to install and quite heavy, considering that I was with my wife. After a lot of struggle we managed to lift it on into position and install it. After the installation I saw that I have scratched the gutter in several places. When I’ll have the chance to lift it with ropes or a crane/lifter I will repair the scratches before they catch some rust.

The ARB touring rack is powder coated which makes it more resistant to rust. The welds are solid, the steel bars are thick. It feels very solid and reliable. The rack comes with some solid brackets, in case you also install a roof top tent (since it is a rack built and shaped for roof top tent installation). Also have a look on my ARB Simpson III roof top tent review.

No matter which brand you want to choose, the roof rack is a solid piece of kit to which you should pay a lot of attention. There are quite a few options on the market which makes the selection process harder. Make sure that the steel bars are not thin, the welds are solid and it would be great to look for a powder coated one. Powder coated roof racks tend to be more resistant to rust. A rusted roof rack can break in the outback, leaving you with nothing but bad holiday. If that happen, you will then have to decide which piece of kit to take, and which one to leave behind. Not a funny situation.